Monday, August 16, 2010

Found some more pics!

Cody: Back in Texas!

Will: The Alamo!

Will: Taking photos

Cody: Walking around at night with our friend, Sabrinaaa!!
Will: With a neon blue cross in the backround

Cody: Waitin for some fine Italian BBQ with Sabrina and Ricardo.
Will: With French frys and ketchup

Cody: Inspired and in deep thought about life... or just mad at me and walked away
Will: Really cool view

Cody: Lookin for "Olive Garden"
Will: Action photo

Cody: Went to Asconi and walked into every church. One of em (Will in bottom left corner).
Will: lots of really nice art

Cody: Sketchy Will in the alley
Will: Its actually a street, every thing is smaller in Italy

Cody: A church
Will: It looked important

Cody: We just got to the Sicilian airport after a sketchy ride with a stranger. Thought he was a taxi and had no idea what he was saying.. we're a little stunned?
Will: Couldnt beleave we where still alive, and at the airport

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