Saturday, July 31, 2010


More pics from Pescara... sorry no comments yet.


Cody: We were lookin around in the Mall and ran into Ilaria! SNC Folk!
Will: She had just gotten back from South Aferica

Cody: Will and Paola
Will: On the boardwalk


Cody: Pink is in! (Wont be able to wear this in Texas...)
Will: finaly comming out...


Cody: Will, and Eugenia
Will: Still on the boardwalk


Cody: Ale e Will
Will: Bean bag chairs at some bar


Cody: Fwiends!
Will: Every one is smiling so nice...


Cody: The boyzz
Will: Ready to PARTY


Cody: Dance, dance
Will: Cause this is THRILLER!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Big blog for yall

Cody: In Giulianova!
Will: On a boat

Cody: Will and I in a 500!... not sure whose car it is.
Will: Some guy said he knew the onwer and we could sit in it...

Cody: Will floating
Will: Trying to flip

Cody: Backflip!
Will: pretty cool

Cody: Me and Pao pao fishin' for shark! Big bait in the back.
Will: No sharks, just felly fish

Cody: Me, Will, Paola, and Sabrina on a paddle boat.
Will: Photo shoot

Cody: At Francesca's (Paola's friend) birthday partay! I think me and Will got a little sun.
Will: darkest ones there...

Cody: Our date
Will: All in green

Cody: Willy B. Lucky?
Will: Really old casino in Venice

Cody: Venice rush hour
Will: Amazing place

Cody: Beautiful church behind us
Will: The people taking the photo wernt very good

Cody: Gondola port
Will: To expensive for us

Cody: Cortina Italy - Will, Paola, and 3rd Will
Will: Small little mountain village, about 30 min from Austria

Cody: Stopped for some "Hot Chocolate" but I think it was hot pudding...
Will: I just had Cappuccino

Cody: Yea!
Will: Getting some fresh air

Cody: Tired of babysittin
Will: Ancient theater we saw an opera in

Cody: Some opera in the theatre above
Will: Like i just said...

Cody: Me and uncomfortable Will
Will: We had to sit on the steps, not comfortable at all

Cody: Tomb raiders
Will: Looking for lost roman gold...

Cody: summer nights
Will: On a hill

Will: Every time we went for a car ride...

Cody: Glamour shot
Will: early in the morning
Cody: Not sure where this is?
Will: Famous church in the back

Cody: Family
Will: aww

Cody: HUGE, BEAUTIFUL church in Florence... forgot the name
Will: With one of Paolas friends

Cody: Vecchio with a fake David in the background
Will: But better then a 4 hour line...

Cody: the Vecchio something behind us.
Will: A bridge, with lots of shops on it.

Sorry for the long wait, but to make up for it, we have a huge blog posting for you.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

"On the road again"

So we have left Caccio's for Sabrina's in a new region - Marche! Those pics coming soon.. for now, pics from the villa:

Cody: Behind us is a castle!

Will: And below is a big valley.

Cody: Cool kids

Will: ...They dont talk

Cody: Will and I tagged an ancient something... not really

Will: Gangsta pose...

Cody: Anna with her German friend

Will: People say I look more German than American

Cody: keepin it reallll

Will: Cool bar\lounge with old couches.

Cody: keepin it reallll... reallll weird

Will: Thats what I do...

Cody: PAT

Will: Cody finally just being himself, with our friend Anna.

Italy Map

Here is a map of our journey so far (Orange dots mark our stays):

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Back to Abruzzo... Caccio's!

So after our stay in the "Italian Bronx", we are back with our amici in Abruzzo! Sicily was fantastic, but our friends are even mo' betta! Back to the beach!

Cody: See Anna...

Will: Annas beach house - "Very nice!"

Cody: See Beach....

Will: Super nice rock beach with cliffs

Cody: See Beach with Anna!

Will: Chillin on a turtle's back...

Cody: The Italian, American, and "German"

Will: Gettin some sun!

Cody: Awkward pose... because of the awkward guy on the rock over, in nothing but a thong...

Will: nothing but a thong... AFTER wearing NOTHING... AFTER we walked by

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Mt. Etna!

Cody: In the cave!

Will: So much fun!

Cody: Will under Etna.. looked like a jungle out there

Will: Lots of trees, but only at a certain elevation

Cody: Nervous...

Will: Tiny hole to get into the cave.

Cody: Okay, we're goin a little crazy

Will: haha getting excited for the cave
Cody: Beautiful volcanic landscape!

Will: Big crater on the left side.

Cody: The white mist in the top right is steam from the opening

Will: We think, not really sure...

Cody: Our shadows in one of Etnas craters

Will: Doing YMCA

Cody: Will and a big ol crater

Will: so much fun!

Cody: Before our volcano trip, we visited another ancient theatre in Catania

Will: Not very well kept, stage is full of water.

Cody: Will... still emo

Will: Great photo!!