Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Espresso self!

So the last post's title, "On to the next one," meant we have moved on to our next friend's house, Ale! Here, we go to the beach everyday. So far, Will and I have become fans of cappucinos, espresso, the BBC, pasta, cheese, and Italian beaches.

Most tourists come to Italy to see and observe Italian culture, and Will and I have become a part of it!

Will: At the Disco Techa, the purple building was VIP I think? mostly outside.

Cody: Imagine Jersey Shore x 1,000!
Will: Alessandra's house where we are staying now, with here dog lola.

Cody: Ale's in the back grilling some pork-chops and Italian sausage. Starting to salivate just thinking about it again...

Will: By a pool in a beachside restaurant, pretty nice.

Cody: MTV Cribs

Will: Me and Alessandra at the beach.

Cody: It really is them

Will: Cody and I modeling.

Cody: Our euro hair, working on our dark euro-tan... just need speedos and pectorals

Will: My natural sea shell bra.

Cody: The only person on the beach covering his nipples...

Monday, June 28, 2010

"On to the next one"

Cody & Will: Okay, this is really the house we're staying in (on the left)

Cody: A better pic of the view... outside on the patio

Will: HUGE mountains in the back, cant see them in this picture

Cody: Our first Italian pizza! Decided to pass on the chopped hot dog and sardine pizzas...

Will: They had lots of crazy ones, potatoes, tuna, and some seafood iv never seen.

Cody: In the town square, on the church steps - just finished some REAL frozen yogurt

Will: With chocolate and bananas, all for 1,50 euros. (they use 0,00 instead of 0.00)

Cody: DISCO!! "Americanooo! Americanooo!!"

Will: Two italian friends we meet, who knew our host, lots of fun and techno music!

Cody: "Dood! Paola's got a Lamborghini!!" - Will..... Had no idea they made tractors. Must be FAST!!

Will: Yeah, crazy. i wonder if she will let me drive it...

Cody: Again, a beach day. Met up with more SNC pals - Ema!

Will: We look white compared to her, buts shes really dark, we are getting tan.

Cody: Giuseppe! ("Juice-Heppy")

Will: More SNC buddies.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Day o Fun at the beach!

So we are going to try to blog everyday about the previous day. Here a pics from our trip to the beach, the Adriatic sea... and more from Pao Paos house!

Cody: After an espresso and panini for lunch, we got some ice cream with some SNC pals

Will: it was very good

Cody: Dario with his rock hard Orange ice thing

Will: even after he let it sit in the sun for a while

Cody: Im pretty sure people thought we were the Americans from Bay Watch...

Will: orrr they couldnt stop staring at our pasty white beach bods?

Cody: Will and I have picked up a new past time.... badminton!!!! Paola is just modeling our rackets

Will: 2012 olympic badminton team here we come!!

Cody: A bae bae!

Will: or biggest fans in the background

Cody: Matchbox makes all these cars here...

Will: soooo small

Cody: These mountains in the background are HUGE... wanted to show my muscles to compare the mountains to something.

Will: we chose the smallest thing we could think of for comparison...

Cody: Will in Paolas backyard with his new toys


Cody: Italian dinner at Paolas... Simone, Paolas brother, eating with us.

Will: eating some real good italian food!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Our flight to Italy

Will and Cody
Cody: After our flight, and a train trip to Tiburtina, we found ourselves at this sketchy bus station, where we miraculously made it Teramo.

Will: yeah, after asked 3 people "english?" and where to get tickets

Cody: Our wonderful Italian house!

Will: paola said it needed work, but wow!

Cody: First Italian dinner... lamb on sticks (NOT kabobs (Italians take offense to this word)) It was delicioso!!

Will: yeah, very good

Cody: This is our view. It is AWEsome. Every morning, we wake up, PUT ON OUR SHOES (I guess youre not supposed to walk around the house with bare feet) and drink espresso and look at this!

Will: yeah, the have a porch of of the shower, where i stand to dry every day after shower.

Cody: Ridin' dirty on them 8"!! Every car is about 3 feet long...

Will: by 5 feet high