Monday, August 16, 2010

Found some more pics!

Cody: Back in Texas!

Will: The Alamo!

Will: Taking photos

Cody: Walking around at night with our friend, Sabrinaaa!!
Will: With a neon blue cross in the backround

Cody: Waitin for some fine Italian BBQ with Sabrina and Ricardo.
Will: With French frys and ketchup

Cody: Inspired and in deep thought about life... or just mad at me and walked away
Will: Really cool view

Cody: Lookin for "Olive Garden"
Will: Action photo

Cody: Went to Asconi and walked into every church. One of em (Will in bottom left corner).
Will: lots of really nice art

Cody: Sketchy Will in the alley
Will: Its actually a street, every thing is smaller in Italy

Cody: A church
Will: It looked important

Cody: We just got to the Sicilian airport after a sketchy ride with a stranger. Thought he was a taxi and had no idea what he was saying.. we're a little stunned?
Will: Couldnt beleave we where still alive, and at the airport

Friday, August 13, 2010

End of our trip!

Yes, comments are coming soon... I promise


Cody: Caesar

Will: With our friend Eugenio in Roma


Cody: A big famous fountain

Will: With Eugenio's friend Francesco


Cody: Francesco and Will at the Vatican

Will: Super cool place, lots of english speakers


Cody: Another big famous fountain

Will: It had palm trees and alligators


Cody: Pantheon

Will: It has a whole in the top, with really nice lighting


Cody: Buncha old stuff

Will: Roman Forum, with a Facist building in the back


Cody: Looked important

Will: Big arch by the Coiseum


Cody: We FINALLY saw it!

Will: THE COLISEUM! Amazing


Cody: Eugenio and Will at a Fortress... Ever seen the movie "Lady Hawk"?

Will: A really old movie, filmed there


Cody: Will, Eugenio, and his bro

Will: Eating some snacks before the fortress


Cody: King Arthur and Sir Lancelot

Will: Its King William...


Cody: Will

Will: With the ruins of a midevil village


Cody: Someones front yard?

Will: Another old village, not so runied


Cody: In front of a church where some believe houses the Holy Grail... hmmmm

Will: Inside they where doing some excavation behind the alter


Cody: Oh yeahh

Will: Ready to go inside


Cody: Our turn at the fortress

Will: So cute


Cody: Ran into Heman

Will: His old stomping ground...


Cody: Me and Pao pao day o fun at a man-made lake

Will: Cool place, I was in Pescara on my own adventure


Cody: Ridin' dirty

Will: With a HUGE helmet


Cody: White 'n dirty

Will: The only one who could actuly ride it...


Cody: Happy folks for being SUPER LOST in the mountains... really

Will: Easy to get lost when theres no trail...


Cody: Before venturing into the unknown (In Padula)

Will: Had no idea how lost would would be in an hour


Cody: Inside the Sistine Chapel

Will: With security guys yelling "NO PHOTOS"


Cody: Me and Pa

In a little mountain village


Cody: Will and Pa

Will: Her brother trying to teach cody how to split wood, it was a lost cause


Cody: Will and I startin to fit into this culture... short shorts, pink tee, and big hair

Will: Elisa and Alesandra from SNC

Saturday, July 31, 2010


More pics from Pescara... sorry no comments yet.


Cody: We were lookin around in the Mall and ran into Ilaria! SNC Folk!
Will: She had just gotten back from South Aferica

Cody: Will and Paola
Will: On the boardwalk


Cody: Pink is in! (Wont be able to wear this in Texas...)
Will: finaly comming out...


Cody: Will, and Eugenia
Will: Still on the boardwalk


Cody: Ale e Will
Will: Bean bag chairs at some bar


Cody: Fwiends!
Will: Every one is smiling so nice...


Cody: The boyzz
Will: Ready to PARTY


Cody: Dance, dance
Will: Cause this is THRILLER!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Big blog for yall

Cody: In Giulianova!
Will: On a boat

Cody: Will and I in a 500!... not sure whose car it is.
Will: Some guy said he knew the onwer and we could sit in it...

Cody: Will floating
Will: Trying to flip

Cody: Backflip!
Will: pretty cool

Cody: Me and Pao pao fishin' for shark! Big bait in the back.
Will: No sharks, just felly fish

Cody: Me, Will, Paola, and Sabrina on a paddle boat.
Will: Photo shoot

Cody: At Francesca's (Paola's friend) birthday partay! I think me and Will got a little sun.
Will: darkest ones there...

Cody: Our date
Will: All in green

Cody: Willy B. Lucky?
Will: Really old casino in Venice

Cody: Venice rush hour
Will: Amazing place

Cody: Beautiful church behind us
Will: The people taking the photo wernt very good

Cody: Gondola port
Will: To expensive for us

Cody: Cortina Italy - Will, Paola, and 3rd Will
Will: Small little mountain village, about 30 min from Austria

Cody: Stopped for some "Hot Chocolate" but I think it was hot pudding...
Will: I just had Cappuccino

Cody: Yea!
Will: Getting some fresh air

Cody: Tired of babysittin
Will: Ancient theater we saw an opera in

Cody: Some opera in the theatre above
Will: Like i just said...

Cody: Me and uncomfortable Will
Will: We had to sit on the steps, not comfortable at all

Cody: Tomb raiders
Will: Looking for lost roman gold...

Cody: summer nights
Will: On a hill

Will: Every time we went for a car ride...

Cody: Glamour shot
Will: early in the morning
Cody: Not sure where this is?
Will: Famous church in the back

Cody: Family
Will: aww

Cody: HUGE, BEAUTIFUL church in Florence... forgot the name
Will: With one of Paolas friends

Cody: Vecchio with a fake David in the background
Will: But better then a 4 hour line...

Cody: the Vecchio something behind us.
Will: A bridge, with lots of shops on it.

Sorry for the long wait, but to make up for it, we have a huge blog posting for you.