Friday, July 23, 2010

Big blog for yall

Cody: In Giulianova!
Will: On a boat

Cody: Will and I in a 500!... not sure whose car it is.
Will: Some guy said he knew the onwer and we could sit in it...

Cody: Will floating
Will: Trying to flip

Cody: Backflip!
Will: pretty cool

Cody: Me and Pao pao fishin' for shark! Big bait in the back.
Will: No sharks, just felly fish

Cody: Me, Will, Paola, and Sabrina on a paddle boat.
Will: Photo shoot

Cody: At Francesca's (Paola's friend) birthday partay! I think me and Will got a little sun.
Will: darkest ones there...

Cody: Our date
Will: All in green

Cody: Willy B. Lucky?
Will: Really old casino in Venice

Cody: Venice rush hour
Will: Amazing place

Cody: Beautiful church behind us
Will: The people taking the photo wernt very good

Cody: Gondola port
Will: To expensive for us

Cody: Cortina Italy - Will, Paola, and 3rd Will
Will: Small little mountain village, about 30 min from Austria

Cody: Stopped for some "Hot Chocolate" but I think it was hot pudding...
Will: I just had Cappuccino

Cody: Yea!
Will: Getting some fresh air

Cody: Tired of babysittin
Will: Ancient theater we saw an opera in

Cody: Some opera in the theatre above
Will: Like i just said...

Cody: Me and uncomfortable Will
Will: We had to sit on the steps, not comfortable at all

Cody: Tomb raiders
Will: Looking for lost roman gold...

Cody: summer nights
Will: On a hill

Will: Every time we went for a car ride...

Cody: Glamour shot
Will: early in the morning
Cody: Not sure where this is?
Will: Famous church in the back

Cody: Family
Will: aww

Cody: HUGE, BEAUTIFUL church in Florence... forgot the name
Will: With one of Paolas friends

Cody: Vecchio with a fake David in the background
Will: But better then a 4 hour line...

Cody: the Vecchio something behind us.
Will: A bridge, with lots of shops on it.

Sorry for the long wait, but to make up for it, we have a huge blog posting for you.

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