Sunday, June 27, 2010

Day o Fun at the beach!

So we are going to try to blog everyday about the previous day. Here a pics from our trip to the beach, the Adriatic sea... and more from Pao Paos house!

Cody: After an espresso and panini for lunch, we got some ice cream with some SNC pals

Will: it was very good

Cody: Dario with his rock hard Orange ice thing

Will: even after he let it sit in the sun for a while

Cody: Im pretty sure people thought we were the Americans from Bay Watch...

Will: orrr they couldnt stop staring at our pasty white beach bods?

Cody: Will and I have picked up a new past time.... badminton!!!! Paola is just modeling our rackets

Will: 2012 olympic badminton team here we come!!

Cody: A bae bae!

Will: or biggest fans in the background

Cody: Matchbox makes all these cars here...

Will: soooo small

Cody: These mountains in the background are HUGE... wanted to show my muscles to compare the mountains to something.

Will: we chose the smallest thing we could think of for comparison...

Cody: Will in Paolas backyard with his new toys


Cody: Italian dinner at Paolas... Simone, Paolas brother, eating with us.

Will: eating some real good italian food!

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