Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Espresso self!

So the last post's title, "On to the next one," meant we have moved on to our next friend's house, Ale! Here, we go to the beach everyday. So far, Will and I have become fans of cappucinos, espresso, the BBC, pasta, cheese, and Italian beaches.

Most tourists come to Italy to see and observe Italian culture, and Will and I have become a part of it!

Will: At the Disco Techa, the purple building was VIP I think? mostly outside.

Cody: Imagine Jersey Shore x 1,000!
Will: Alessandra's house where we are staying now, with here dog lola.

Cody: Ale's in the back grilling some pork-chops and Italian sausage. Starting to salivate just thinking about it again...

Will: By a pool in a beachside restaurant, pretty nice.

Cody: MTV Cribs

Will: Me and Alessandra at the beach.

Cody: It really is them

Will: Cody and I modeling.

Cody: Our euro hair, working on our dark euro-tan... just need speedos and pectorals

Will: My natural sea shell bra.

Cody: The only person on the beach covering his nipples...

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