Saturday, June 26, 2010

Our flight to Italy

Will and Cody
Cody: After our flight, and a train trip to Tiburtina, we found ourselves at this sketchy bus station, where we miraculously made it Teramo.

Will: yeah, after asked 3 people "english?" and where to get tickets

Cody: Our wonderful Italian house!

Will: paola said it needed work, but wow!

Cody: First Italian dinner... lamb on sticks (NOT kabobs (Italians take offense to this word)) It was delicioso!!

Will: yeah, very good

Cody: This is our view. It is AWEsome. Every morning, we wake up, PUT ON OUR SHOES (I guess youre not supposed to walk around the house with bare feet) and drink espresso and look at this!

Will: yeah, the have a porch of of the shower, where i stand to dry every day after shower.

Cody: Ridin' dirty on them 8"!! Every car is about 3 feet long...

Will: by 5 feet high


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