Monday, June 28, 2010

"On to the next one"

Cody & Will: Okay, this is really the house we're staying in (on the left)

Cody: A better pic of the view... outside on the patio

Will: HUGE mountains in the back, cant see them in this picture

Cody: Our first Italian pizza! Decided to pass on the chopped hot dog and sardine pizzas...

Will: They had lots of crazy ones, potatoes, tuna, and some seafood iv never seen.

Cody: In the town square, on the church steps - just finished some REAL frozen yogurt

Will: With chocolate and bananas, all for 1,50 euros. (they use 0,00 instead of 0.00)

Cody: DISCO!! "Americanooo! Americanooo!!"

Will: Two italian friends we meet, who knew our host, lots of fun and techno music!

Cody: "Dood! Paola's got a Lamborghini!!" - Will..... Had no idea they made tractors. Must be FAST!!

Will: Yeah, crazy. i wonder if she will let me drive it...

Cody: Again, a beach day. Met up with more SNC pals - Ema!

Will: We look white compared to her, buts shes really dark, we are getting tan.

Cody: Giuseppe! ("Juice-Heppy")

Will: More SNC buddies.

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