Thursday, July 1, 2010


Cody: Downtown Pescara next to some monument that looked important
Will: We are buddies.

Cody: Had pizza for dinner and ordered the popular pizza with french fries (this is normal)
Will: They use hotdogs a lot too, crazy!

Cody: Will liked the pizza so much, the camera couldn't capture him at such great eating speeds!
Will: haha, it was really good pizza

Cody: The night before, we had risotto! I was "sono pieno!!"
Will: Yeah i helped cook it!

Cody: More days at the beach, but this time, we had a paddleboat!
Will: yeah we saw a dolphin jump over the boat!

Cody: we're in a boat
Will: having fun

Cody: After jumping in 15 times
Will: psh like 10, i jumped way more

Cody: Ale e Will
Will: dangling on the side of the boat

Cody: High Five!..?
Will: Best friends forever!...?

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