Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Lazy day in Italy

Today, we decided to take a day off, walk around a LITTLE bit, but mostly take it easy. Here's a few pics of things we found...

Cody: Big gate

Will: Since it Italy, people still drive there scooters through it, and the park...

Cody: That's a castle... Im guarding it with my guns

Will: It was pretty nice, went inside but it was closed

Cody: Kinda a boring castle... who would want to attack that when theres a pretty garden in the front

Will: Dont think the garden was there when it was built...

Cody: Picture from Taormina... houses on the mountain side

Will: Taken form the accent roman theater.

Cody: The Catania square... Will is still more square

Will: Looks like you fit in pretty good though....

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