Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Taormina/Isola Bella

Cody: We had to pay $8 to see this! HOWEVER, if you were a part of the Europian Union, it was only $4.. pshhh

Will: Yeah, kinda lame, but it was cool!

Cody: Looks like a Texas beach huh?

Will: Island in the middle, with a huge house on the top, Mafia Don?

Cody: Went north to Taormina! Spent most of our time there at Isola Bella

Will: amazing beach, with a little island in the back

Cody: Felt like it was fake... like a disney land park

Will: super clear water, with rock and little fish

Cody: At the top of the Teatro antico

Will: Ocean view

Cody: Will in the teatro... bein emo

Will: No, being artistic!

Cody: In Catania, with some teatro in the background... we probably should have done more research

Will: Yeah, just thought it looked cool, so took a picture.

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