Sunday, July 11, 2010

Back to Abruzzo... Caccio's!

So after our stay in the "Italian Bronx", we are back with our amici in Abruzzo! Sicily was fantastic, but our friends are even mo' betta! Back to the beach!

Cody: See Anna...

Will: Annas beach house - "Very nice!"

Cody: See Beach....

Will: Super nice rock beach with cliffs

Cody: See Beach with Anna!

Will: Chillin on a turtle's back...

Cody: The Italian, American, and "German"

Will: Gettin some sun!

Cody: Awkward pose... because of the awkward guy on the rock over, in nothing but a thong...

Will: nothing but a thong... AFTER wearing NOTHING... AFTER we walked by


  1. Mary says, "Buy a thong," so you can blend in better.