Thursday, July 8, 2010

Mt. Etna!

Cody: In the cave!

Will: So much fun!

Cody: Will under Etna.. looked like a jungle out there

Will: Lots of trees, but only at a certain elevation

Cody: Nervous...

Will: Tiny hole to get into the cave.

Cody: Okay, we're goin a little crazy

Will: haha getting excited for the cave
Cody: Beautiful volcanic landscape!

Will: Big crater on the left side.

Cody: The white mist in the top right is steam from the opening

Will: We think, not really sure...

Cody: Our shadows in one of Etnas craters

Will: Doing YMCA

Cody: Will and a big ol crater

Will: so much fun!

Cody: Before our volcano trip, we visited another ancient theatre in Catania

Will: Not very well kept, stage is full of water.

Cody: Will... still emo

Will: Great photo!!

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