Tuesday, July 13, 2010

"On the road again"

So we have left Caccio's for Sabrina's in a new region - Marche! Those pics coming soon.. for now, pics from the villa:

Cody: Behind us is a castle!

Will: And below is a big valley.

Cody: Cool kids

Will: ...They dont talk

Cody: Will and I tagged an ancient something... not really

Will: Gangsta pose...

Cody: Anna with her German friend

Will: People say I look more German than American

Cody: keepin it reallll

Will: Cool bar\lounge with old couches.

Cody: keepin it reallll... reallll weird

Will: Thats what I do...

Cody: PAT

Will: Cody finally just being himself, with our friend Anna.

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